Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Beast Inside

As this nine weeks continues, I've been lacking a tad bit on my readings. Maybe it's the fact that summer is very near and I'm wanting to lack in school. Either way, I've been reading about twenty minutes in class and that's about it. I havent been reading throughout the week as I used to but I am still keeping up in my books. Lord of the Flies by William Golding has been keeping me interested, rather than losing my attention, so thanks to this book, I've been keeping up in school with my reading. I feel like a challenge for me is reading any sort of AP book because the AP books are more difficult and very unique in their own ways, so it'll be a slight challenge for me in the future.

The book Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about a small group of boys who land on a island from a plane crash and are the only survivors. The boys are split up into two factions, the "littluns" and the "bigguns." Ralph is an rational and intelligent boy who is elected as the group leader and as he leads the boys, he tries to forms tactics and ways to survive and get rescued. As time goes on, the boys live onto their savagery life and start to follow a boy named Jack, who is brutal and ruthless. Eventually, majority of the boys are drawn into savagery and Jack's tribe is after Ralph. In the end, a naval man comes to their rescue, saving Ralph and the rest of the boys from their insanity and savagery.

The boys are frightened by a terrible beast in the ocean which was encountered by a littlun. This brings chaos and madness into the boys which makes the boys split up and go with Jack. Jack is able to manipulate the boys minds into believing that there is a beast which will create fear in them. This fear will allow the boys to be more powerful and savage-like. This ruins Ralph's chance at getting the boys restored and back into order. The boys are starting to become more and more overwhelmed by their own fear and savagery. "Maybe there is a beast"(125) is an example of Simon mentioning that there may be a beast that lies deep within the boys. "Maybe it's only us"(126) serves the idea that there is a beast in every single person deep within themselves. Although Simon is laughed at, it is true that there is a beast in the boys because they become so fearful of the "beast" that they become savages.  I also believe this is true. Every person may seem optimistic and kind but may have a inner spirit of being cruel. In this book, there are many connections to the real world which I'll have to take very good note of as I continue to read this book.

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